Should you do eye or face makeup first?

Whenever you place on your eye makeup, your goal needs to always be to make your eyes look brighter. You can accomplish this by choosing the ideal colors for your eye shadow and producing the best blend of eye shadow for your eyes. Using your eye makeup follows you have put foundation on your face.…

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Which is better concealer or BB cream?

Concealer makeup can be found in various types and can be used in a range of scenarios. Women have been utilizing them for years; men are now leaping on the bandwagon. The “Erace” concealer launched by Max Factor in 1938 was the extremely first to be offered commercially. Concealer or BB cream can be found…

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Should concealer be lighter or darker than foundation?

Utilizing a great concealer and knowing the proper way to use it, is key to accomplishing a perfect skin tone. Concealer are used to combat staining, lighten watched areas, camouflage acnes, scars and tattoos, and operate in tandem with your foundation to attain the look of an even complexion. Concealer can enhance your skin’s look…

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How do I choose a primer?

An excellent base is the start of any fantastic makeup look, whether you’re rocking a complete face or simply a couple of dabs of concealer. And while an excellent skin-care program can work marvels for ensuring your makeup uses perfectly throughout the day, the guide is the real key to getting your makeup to carry…

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Is setting spray bad for your skin?

Every girl imagines looking remarkably beautiful on her wedding day. This naturally implies a lot of effort on the part of the girl in addition to her hair and cosmetics artiste! How many of us look our best without any sort of cosmetics at all? We require somebody to assist us cover our defects and…

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